The Dalton Foundation works closely with for-profit partner reLink Medical to obtain and refurbish appropriate medical equipment for low-to-middle income countries like Haiti. Through their reLink360 program, the Dalton Foundation has been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and obtain new donation partners to bring large-scale systemic solutions to medical equipment challenges in Northern Haiti.

Medical Equipment Challenges In Haiti

In January 2020, The Dalton Foundation was able to ship a container to Haiti valued at $180,506 for a direct cost to The Foundation of only $11,336.

The Foundation received donations from 16 reLink360 partners, in addition to invaluable support from reLink Medical, valuing $150,356. Thanks to reLink360 partner Ohio Health and their equipment donations to The Dalton Foundation, they were able to utilize $18,814 from their reLink360 partner account to purchase specific items that were needed in Haiti or both the Equipping the Caregivers Project and The Medical Equipment Modernization and Standardization Program.

Used Medical Equipment Donation Partners

This one container will equip 35 facilities, 75 physicians and 150 nurses working in rural areas of Northern Haiti with valuable diagnostic tools that are desperately lacking like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, nebulizers, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, and pulseox units. The population of this area is approximately 400,000 and accessing quality healthcare in this region is extremely difficult. Traveling to the larger city of Cap Haitien is complicated due to unpaved roads, fuel shortages, and lack of funds to obtain transportation. Having quality care close to home can mean the difference between life and death for many in the region.

Equipping the Caregivers Project

Medical Equipment Donation Impact

In addition, this container contains equipment like patient monitors, portable suction units, and UPS units that will be used to begin standardizing medical equipment for 5 larger reference hospitals in the region. These hospitals serve on average over 7,500 patients daily and cover an area of approximately 1.2 million people. At one of these hospitals, we will be providing the equipment needed to open and operate a biomedical training and repair center to serve these hospitals and maintain their equipment.

The project serves as one example of how collaboration and partnership both here in the US and abroad can have a dramatic impact on healthcare delivery and not cost a fortune.

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