The Challenge 

For years, the fourth floor of IU Health’s medical facility was unusable. The 30,000 square foot space had been a de-facto storage area for their out-of-service medical equipment and supplies, and it was filled to capacity.

IU Health wanted to remove the equipment so that it could use the space as a disposition sorting center for medical devices within its system.

Several thousand pieces of equipment needed to be removed and evaluated. Equipment that was still usable would be sold or donated. The rest would be properly recycled.

IU Health did not have the processes or personnel in place to undertake this massive and complex project. After a thorough search, they hired reLink to build a strategic plan that would meet their ambitious objectives.


The Solution

 After thorough analysis, reLink logistics experts determined that the project would require a series of complex moves, loads and transfers over the course of a two-day time period.

reLink led all pre-planning and coordination to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Using two teams, consisting of 10 professionals in all, the equipment was picked, sorted, palletized, wrapped, and loaded for transport to reLink’s 75,000 square-foot warehouse.

Here, all devices were thoroughly evaluated. Asset stickers were removed to break the chain of liability and ePHI was stripped in accordance with HIPAA requirements. Unvalued equipment was properly recycled to meet the highest standards of sustainability. Equipment that had value was placed up for sale by reLink.


The Results

  • IU Health now has a shell space where equipment can be stored more safely.
  • IU Health has a disposition space where they can properly sort their new and out-of-service equipment.
  • IU Health generated considerable revenue from the sale of its assets through reLink.


Project Recap

Pieces of medical equipment decommissioned:  1,236
Pounds of medical equipment decommissioned: 67,154
Total Equipment Sold: 1,150
Total Revenue Earned: $183,203.00
Total Equipment Recycled: 85
Total Pounds of Equipment Recycled: 15,387
Total Equipment Donated: 1

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