Providing device owners technology
enabled disposition solutions

Providing device buyers a comprehensive
consumer-like experience

Designed by Hospitals for Hospitals

Do these
sound familiar?

Low Visibility

Wasted Space

Lack of Partners

Environmental & Privacy Risks

Time & Resource Drains

Cherry-picked Equipment

Low Values on Trade-Ins

How do your disposition
priorities rank?

One easy and consistent process across departments or sites?

Full tracking and transparency on every asset?

Ensuring equipment is recycled legally and sustainably?

More revenue and payment options?

Freeing up limited storage space?

Something else?

Detailed Inventory Tracking

See real-time and final disposition status of all equipment in the program

Schedule Logistics

Initiate equipment pickup and other logistic services

Financial Breakdown

Review your lifetime earnings, credits earned, and redemptions

Site Level Reporting

See activity across each facility, department, or organization you wish to track

ExCel & PDF Reporting

Generate reports and data extracts for more in-depth analysis and communication

Redeploy Equipment

Allows asset managers across your health system to see and claim equipment scheduled for disposition

The reLink 360
Partner Portal:

The best-in-class, web-based
technology platform for equipment
disposition management

ISO-Certified Processes

Ensure the highest qualities of service and deliverability


reLink will send a team to inventory and organize your out-of-service medical assets, including managing shipping.


An experienced engineer will come to your facility to uninstall unwanted equipment, helping you turn it into revenue.

Room Moves

reLink Medical offers moving services to professionally move your equipment to its new location.


A member of reLink Medical’s experienced installation team will come to your facility and install your devices.


reLink’s network of R2-Certified and zero-landfill partners will dispose of all your medical devices in a safe way.

Proactive Planning

Integration with hospital’s CMMS system to gain visibility into anticipated asset retirement dates to allow for proper planning

Direct Sales

Modality-based Product Managers will leverage a community of 12,000 buyers to negotiate the highest value possible for each asset

reLink Online

Consumer-like online marketplaces to more effectively merchandise products

eBay Store

Established online channel targeted at domestic and international buyers

Monthly Auctions

Online auctions dedicated to specific subset of devices not sold through early stage sales channels

Device Donation

Partnerships with multiple 501(c)(3) organizations to help re-purpose devices internationally

Responsible Recycling

Landfill diversion-focused recycling efforts utilizing R2 Certified processes

reLink Online MLS™

Delivers the maximum value for every make, model, and condition of medical device

Flexible Redemption Options


Get the most out of your excess assets by turning them into cash up front. Simple and fast, reLink can send a check or wire transfer to your facility prior to equipment pick-up or shipment.

Equipment Credits

Old assets equal new equipment with reLink’s credit program. Trade your excess medical equipment for reLink Equipment Credits, which can then be used to purchase the equipment your facility needs.

Parts & Service Credits

Trade your out-of-service equipment for Parts Credits. Part Credits can then be used by your facility to purchase parts for equipment that is still in use through our network of partners.

Training Credits

Empower your technicians by providing the latest training from the OEM or an accredited independent training facility. Trust reLink’s network of experienced experts to provide training for your employees.

How does your equipment
source stack up?

Certified BMET

Cosmetic Ratings

Onsite Buying

Functionality Checks

PHI Compliant

Actual Device Photos

We understand risk mitigation. We also understand you want complete assurance that the device you requested arrives in the same condition, functionally and cosmetically, as expected.

This is why we pick up and triage the devices you need in our 75,000 sq ft warehouse. Additionally, our on-staff Certified BMET tests the equipment for functionality, ensures we are PHI compliant, and offers guidance when you are shopping on-site.







channels-logoAt reLink Medical, we have a multi-channel process designed to create an easy and efficient purchasing experience. A virtual warehouse and consumer-like shopping experience with reLinkOnline – where you can browse, compare products, build a pallet, and check out – all in the convenience of your home or office. Utilize our eBay store with our multi-country presence, or for our price-conscious shopper, sign up and bid at our monthly Auctions for bulk savings on the no-longer-supported or end-of-life equipment. And for those who want to speak directly with a friendly member of the reLink team, we have a dedicated team of modality-specific Product Managers to answer your calls or questions and walk you through a purchase.

Whatever your preferred method of ordering at reLink Medical, we have you covered.

Click on a link to the left and enjoy your buying experience.

We understand different situations call for different conditions of medical devices. Whether you are looking for as-is equipment for refurbishing or a patient-ready device to add to your existing fleet, reLink Medical offers build-to-suit flexibility putting you in control. Additionally, our 20,000 sq ft on-site secure storage location affords you the ability to pick, pack, and hold until you are ready for delivery. Gone are the days where you need to take ownership immediately after buying. Rent a storage device and ship when it’s full.

If you want control of your equipment options, control of your shipping timeframes, and immediate access to our reLink360 Inventory, then reLinkDirect is for you.

Contact us today to learn more.

  • Small Package to Large Freight
  • Tender Shipment for International Sea or Air
  • SLI and Commercial Invoicing
  • Onsite Customer Pickup
  • Pre-ship Documentation Packet
  • Custom Pallet and Wrapping
  • State-of-the-Art Liquid Foam Packing Material
  • International Heat Treated Crating
  • Temperature Controlled Environment
  • Video and Code Access Monitoring
  • Single Item to Storage Container Options
  • Flexible Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Timeframes
  • Direct From Hospital Usage
  • PHI Compliant
  • Built-to-Suit
  • Full Functionality Testing
  • Software
  • Manuals
  • Cables
  • Fully Outfitted