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  • “If you first set out to do good, making money will follow.” This is the mantra Ray Dalton has followed his entire professional career. So it was no surprise that when he founded reLink Medical in 2015, he made it a priority to develop a culture that cares for its employees, customers and community as […]Read More
  • One might think that an industry projected to reach more than $407 billion wouldn’t have to worry about losing money, but they should. The United States alone accounts for 40% of the revenue in medical equipment sales. With all of that income, it’s easy to miss things that may end up costing your company millions […]Read More
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION REPLACEMENT, AUGMENTATION, OR CANNIBALIZATION A CLEAN BREAK SECURITY MEASURES CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER IN CONCLUSION ABOUT THE AUTHORS INTRODUCTION According to the National Academy of Medicine, every healthcare institution in the country has on average 2,270 devices that require near-term end-of-product-life monitoring and planning. This means for the 6,210 hospitals in […]Read More
  • By C.A. Wolski Purchasing should take into account the entire lifecycle of a piece of equipment—including how and when it will be disposed of. Biomeds should be part of the disposal conversation beginning with the purchasing process. There’s one certainty facing every biomedical department. Today’s new, state-of-the-art equipment is destined to become tomorrow’s obsolete burden […]Read More
  • reLink Medical &The Dalton Foundation
    Article by Judy Stringer with Inmates from Grafton Correctional Institute, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction employees, reLink medical employees and staff from True Freedom Enterprises are seen in the reLink warehouse. Ray Dalton often challenges guests of Twinsburg Township-based reLink Medical to pick out the handful of Grafton Correctional Center inmates among 20 […]Read More
  • remove ePHI reLink Medical
    THE SITUATION Our reLink 360 hospital partner is an integrated health care system located in the northeastern part of the United States and is comprised of ten member hospitals and 37 primary care locations. For decades, the health system managed their medical equipment internally in accordance with FDA guidelines. With their clinical engineers overseeing the […]Read More
  • THE SITUATION For years, a local hospital in Cleveland has been at the forefront of sustainability. The world-renowned healthcare system already had a number of successful initiatives established – from a plastics and paper recycling program to a comprehensive biohazard waste plan. However, the organization did not have a system-wide program for the management of […]Read More
  • reLink Medical &The Dalton Foundation
    By Barbara Campbell Second chances – We all need them at some point in our lives. Luckily, for most of us, we get opportunities to right wrongs and move forward. Unfortunately for many who find themselves serving time in one of our prisons or jails, getting that second chance can be very difficult and feel […]Read More
  • IU Health removes used medical equipment
    The Challenge  For years, the fourth floor of IU Health’s medical facility was unusable. The 30,000 square foot space had been a de-facto storage area for their out-of-service medical equipment and supplies, and it was filled to capacity. IU Health wanted to remove the equipment so that it could use the space as a disposition […]Read More
  • Kaiser Permanente Repurposes Unused Medical Equipment
    The Challenge Kaiser Permanente wanted to transform its 50,000 square foot warehouse into a full-scale disposition center where it could effectively manage the lifecycle of its medical equipment and supplies. However, the facility was filled with unused devices that had been accumulating for years. In addition, Kaiser had medical equipment stored in five of its […]Read More
  • Healthcare Project Management
    For HTM’s, project management is a shift from managing devices to managing people. To effectively accomplish this, it’s important to understand the roles of each individual and identify the most effective way to communicate with them. Successful project managers build rapport with their team, define expectations clearly, and respond in a timely manner. Stakeholder management […]Read More
  • Donate Medical Equipment
    The Dalton Foundation works closely with for-profit partner reLink Medical to obtain and refurbish appropriate medical equipment for low-to-middle income countries like Haiti. Through their reLink360 program, the Dalton Foundation has been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and obtain new donation partners to bring large-scale systemic solutions to medical equipment challenges in […]Read More

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